The Routine

We think that the mind is wild, and likes to do different things everyday, and is meant to protest against any routine we impose on it. The most innate human nature is to be free, revel in freedom of every kind. That is what we think. ( Atleast I used to think till an hour back )

A short recap of the last few days proved useful in this respect. I questioned myself: I am a “freelancer”, translating to a free birdie, not bound by any office timings, routines, timelines etc. So, I should be the perfect example of freedom from routine. Let’s take a reality check.
Q) What was the first thing I did after I woke up yesterday? The day before? The day before that? 4 days ago?
A) Check emails on my phone
Q) What was the next thing?
A) Sit on my couch, thinking about the things I want to do today
Q) Next thing?
A) Make tea
Lack of routine?
So there is nothing like a lack of routine, for anyone (Most generally speaking). The natural tendency of a person is to walk in one straight line, day in and day out until something or someone major throws them offtrack.
When we get too fed up of the routine after yrs of following it, we go and jump off the sky, and call it an “adventure” and “thrill”. Isn’t that going too far to just experience “adventure” in life? (There can be multiple arguments on this, ofcourse 🙂 )
There are many things I do differently everyday, but are they big enough to make me think of things afresh? To make my thinking take a big leap? Are those changes enough to make a change in my life? Changes require something to change – in us and outside us. And routine is the direct opposite of change.
To get freedom from routine, you have to create a freedom from routine. You have to leave those empty spaces in your routine (or the apparent “lack” of it) where new stuff can grow or peep out. Where the unexpected is allowed to happen without hindrance. Where old thoughts and ideas are allowed to wear off.
– The empty spaces which allow us to do something different, something heartfelt, something that allows us to discover our desires and wants afresh.
– The empty spaces that allow us to pick up a brush, pick up a pen, pick up a sketching pencil, pick up a guitar, or take the next bus to the one place u always wanted to see.
Only when there are empty spaces that allow the old to molt away, can the unimaginable be imagined.