The Evening of the Boat

The sun was setting and it was that time of the evening when you don’t see the Sun’s glow, it’s just about to blend into space, out of sight. I hated evenings. There was something very unsettling about light disappearing which never went well with me.
This boat looked like it hated evenings too. It also looked like it had not seen much of the sea for some time. It just lay there, like it didn’t really get to fulfil the purpose of its life. Not anchored, but not bobbing up and down on the waves either. It had reached the evening of its life without really having enjoyed the days, it seemed.
I didn’t want to end up like that boat. I gulped.
The boat still had some life left to it. I wondered what it would look like if it had seen more of the sea. The paint would look different. The insides would look different. It would smell different. It would probably not look as old to begin with. But some life was still left.
I hoped the fisherman would take it out in the sea the next morning.